Problem Files

If you have a file that will not convert in Flv Crunch, please send the file, and the error log, in an email. I will try to fix the problem by the next release.

Open Error Log

How to send the error log:
Click here to email me.

A lot of the time a file will be too big to send in an email. If that is the case, then just send the error log please.

Common issues and solutions

timebase not supported
One problem that comes up a lot is the timebase issue. If you see a message in the log stating that your file can't be converted because the timebase isn't supported, then change the frames per second value to 30. This will allow your file to be converted.

RealPlayer Downloader and Flv Crunch
RealPlayer Downloader does not produce a file that Flv Crunch can handle easily. Flv Crunch will be stuck at zero percent and this message will be displayed in the Console when using a file from RealPlayer Downloader: "Exception raised during posting of notification.  Ignored.  exception: 'Conversion to encoding 30 failed for string...".

How to fix this problem:
1) Click once on the file when in the Finder.
2) Push enter.
3) Push the delete button.
4) Type "1".
5) Click once on the file again.

Once these steps are done, you can have Flv Crunch convert your file. RealPlayer appends characters to a file name that Flv Crunch cannot handle. This is why renaming the file fixes the problem.